Manfaat Jus Buah Untuk Kulit

As you age, your skin becomes more wrinkled and dull. Dull skin is usually caused by several factors such as lack of sleep, air pollution, unhealthy diets, and free radicals. If the skin looks dull, of course it will make us less confident. Therefore, our skin needs to be given adequate vitamins and minerals.

To maintain skin health, it is not only assisted by cosmetic or skincare tools, but also needs to be maintained from within. One way to maintain healthy skin from within is by consuming healthy foods or drinks. For example, by consuming juices with ingredients that can help improve skin health.

Here are 4 fruit juices that can help maintain healthy skin:

• Apple juice

Apart from being consumed directly, apples can also be used as juice which is certainly not boring. The content of apple juice itself can help maintain healthy skin. Apple juice contains vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D, calcium, vitamin B6, and iron. It is a must for friends who want to maintain healthy skin to try this one juice.

• Banana Juice

Bananas contain vitamin A which can help moisturize the skin and improve dull skin. Apart from vitamin A there is also vitamin C in it. Vitamin C functions to nourish and repair damaged skin. If friends are bored by eating directly, it is really mandatory to try it by juicing.

• Tomato juice

Apart from being a cooking ingredient, tomatoes are also suitable for making juice, you know. This round fruit contains the antioxidant lycopene which can be used as a natural sunscreen. For skin health, tomato juice contains vitamin B1, vitamin B3, vitamin B6, and vitamin B9. The function or benefits of tomatoes are preventing premature aging, disguising black spots, reducing acne, and overcoming dull skin.

• Carrot juice

Apart from nourishing the eyes, consuming carrot juice can also help nourish the skin. This is really suitable, consume one for two haha. Carrot juice itself contains vitamin A which is large enough so that it can ward off free radicals and keep the skin looking brighter. Come on, try it.

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