Claw with Spicy Soy Sauce

Usually at chicken noodle sellers, claws are one of the complementary menu options for chicken noodles that consumers often seek out. But not everyone likes claws because of their less attractive shape and to eat them is a little difficult. But do you know that claws contain calcium, protein and collagen which are beneficial for the human body which can prevent corrosion of bones and strengthen joints. There are so many food creations whose basic ingredients are claws, now I want to tell you one of the recipes with the main ingredient of claws which is how to make it practical and the budget spent is very minimal, let’s just be curious.


  1. Claws ½ kg
  2. 1 tomato
  3. 1 lemongrass sticks
  4. Soy sauce to taste
  5. Sufficient water
  6. Flavoring chicken

Ground spices:

  1. 9 pieces of cayenne pepper
  2. 3 pieces of red curly chilies
  3. 3 garlic cloves
  4. 1 segment of ginger
  5. 1 segment of turmeric
  6. Salt to taste
  7. 9 grains of pepper

How to Make:

  1. Then boil the claws until soft and sprinkle with salt to taste, boil it for about 20-30 minutes, just as you wish, guys, if you want the bones to come off easily, boil it longer
  2. When the claws are soft, remove them. Then wash in running water and drain
  3. Saute ground spices until fragrant, then add lemongrass and claws
  4. Add water then cover and wait for the water to boil and a little bit pickled
  5. Then enter the tomato slices and soy sauce, flavoring. Stir until well blended
  6. Taste correction
  7. Remove and serve with warm rice

Easy is not the way to make it, if you don’t like it too spicy to use the chilies, you can reduce it, guys. This dish can be one of your daily menu ideas. good luck

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