Manfaat Jagung Untuk Kesehatan Kulit

Who doesn’t want healthy and beautiful skin. Of course everyone longs for this. With healthy skin that is protected from acne, dullness, black spots, and wrinkles, it will further increase our confidence level. Currently, there are many beauty products that are said to help skin health. However, the fact is, to protect the skin, it does not only require external care. We also need to guard from within. One way to maintain healthy skin from within is to drink lots of water, consume lots of fruits and vegetables. Well, one of the foods that can help maintain healthy skin is corn.

Corn has become a food that is rich in benefits. According to several studies, the content contained in corn can help maintain healthy skin. Corn has a high antioxidant content and also several vitamins such as vitamins A, B1, C, and E. High antioxidant content can protect the skin from free radicals, especially from the dangers of sunburn and pollution. Of course, friends must try to make corn into food or face masks to help maintain the health of your skin.

Here are some of the benefits of corn for beauty:

• Helps smooth skin

The content of vitamins A and C in corn can help make the skin smoother and healthier. This is done by processing it into a mask and using it 2 times a week. Besides that, don’t forget to consume it as food.

• Remove dead skin cells

Very dense activity makes our skin dry and a lot of dead skin cells. If the dead skin cells are left alone, it will cause pimples and blackheads to grow. So we need to be diligent in cleaning it. Now the way you can try it is by using corn. Friends can consume it and also make it a face mask.

• Get rid of acne and black spots

Acne has become an important problem for many people. With the appearance of acne it can make us less confident. In fact, to get rid of this one problem, many people try various beauty products. Well, the natural way that friends can try is by using corn. Besides being natural, using corn is also more economical. The trick is to make corn into a mask and also consume it into food.

• Helps prevent premature aging

The high antioxidant content in corn is believed to help prevent premature aging. Therefore, we can consume corn as a way to keep skin healthy and youthful.

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