Menu Makanan Tradisional Berbahan Jagung

Indonesia is an archipelago that has many tribes and cultures. With these various ethnic groups and cultures, it is not denied that Indonesia also has a variety of traditional foods. One of these traditional foods is food made from corn. Corn is an Indonesian agricultural product which is a grain type with a harvest period of 80-110 days. Of course, corn has an earlier harvest speed than rice. Rice has a shelf life of 3-4 months.

Nowadays, getting a variety of traditional foods is not as easy as it used to be. We can find some traditional foods at the hawker markets, although they are not very complete. The uniqueness of traditional food can be found in the packaging. There are traditional foods wrapped in banana leaves or teak leaves. Like the traditional food from corn, called lepatagung. Apart from being unique, traditional food is also famous for being healthy because it doesn’t use ingredients that contain preservatives or msg.

Here are some traditional foods made from corn:

• Fast Corn

This traditional Indonesian food is very well known in Java. The basic ingredient is crushed corn which is then wrapped in corn husks and then steamed. This food is perfect for accompanying breakfast with family.

• Bose corn

Bose corn is processed corn that is turned into porridge. This dish originates from East Nusa Tenggara which is usually served with meat or fish. Some of these menus are also mixed with nuts to taste.

• Botok Corn

Corn botok is a typical Indonesian food originating from East Java. In its manufacture, it uses a mixture of corn and grated coconut and is wrapped in banana leaves. This food is considered healthy because it is steamed and does not use preservatives.

• Bledus

The name of this food may be very foreign to the ear. But who would have thought this food was very famous in every region in Indonesia. This food is made by mixing corn stew with grated coconut.

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